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Simply Simplicius

120 min / theatre / 15+

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Author: Helena Koblischková
Director: Petr Hašek
Dramaturgy: Helena Koblischková. Choreography: Kamila Mottlová. Music: Bartoloměj a Kristina Veselí. Stage Design, Costumes: Veronika Traburová. Cast: Vojtěch Franců, Petr Šmíd, Bartoloměj Veselý, Kamila Mottlová, Claudia Eftimiadisová.

He knew nothing, but he learned what was good. And then he got to know people. The people were at war and the war was in them. An ordinary boy's journey through the battlefield of life, full of wins, losses and the desire to be good again. A Neo-Baroque adaptation of Hans Jacob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen's 1668 and 1669 novel The Adventurous Simplicissimus, considered the most important prose work of the Baroque era. The dramatisation is based on the Czech translation of the novel by Jaroslav Zaorálek.




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