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Good Times Only

In 2020, the Czech singing boyband Good Times Only made an impression with their album debut "Pěkný chvíle" („Good Times Only“). By 2022, the five-member band, playing minimalist synth-pop but not forgetting guitars, had moved onto the dance floor with two electronically tuned singles - "Zona100" and "Tak jsme tu balancovaly“ ("So We Have Balanced Here“), balancing on the edge between alternative and mainstream. In October 2023, Good Times Only, who had previously opened for acts like alt-J, Gus Dapperton, and Marcell, released their second album titled "Teď na to myslim" ("Now I Am Thinking About It“). Smooth synth-pop alternates with acoustic guitars and piano across eight tracks. The band showcases their most mature and playful form yet.

Performing location: Praha



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