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Bára Hubená

Bára Hubená is a puppeteer, toymaker, and scenic designer. After studying at the Secondary School of Applied Arts and at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, she worked as a scenographer at Dejvice Theatre for eight years. She creates puppet designs for theatre companies such as LokVar, Naivní divadlo Liberec (the Naive Theatre in Liberec), Říše loutek (Puppet Kingdom), Buchty a loutky (Buns and Puppets), Hafan studio, and Bratislavské bábkové divadlo (Bratislava Puppet Theatre. Since 2006, she has been leading Woodwork Workshops for children, crafting wooden toys and puppets at festivals such as Loutkářská Chrudim, Ejhle loutka, Aréna bratří Formanů (Forman Brothers’ Theatre), and many others.

Performing location: Praha



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