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50 min / theatre / family friendly / 15+ / czech / english friendly

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Author: Marta Hermannová
Director: Marta Hermannová
Creative team: Director: Marta Hermannová. Dramaturgy: kolektiv. Scenography: Iva Ščerbáková. Scenography cooperation: Dominik Migač. Music and sounddesign: Vojtěch Cibulka. Actors: Anna Datiashvili, David Bolech. Production: Adam Bureš. Voiceover: Marek Bečka.

This puppet production takes a look at Zlín in its famous era as an architectural and mainly social phenomenon. As a not frequently mentioned chapter of Czech history, the success of which transcended the country's borders, while at the same time flirted heavily with the principles of authoritarian regimes. The production tells the story of one of the factory's employees who, like everyone else, goes to his shift, the cinema, for afternoon walks and home for dinner. Every day, over and over. Until a mistake happens.


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