Zpět na přehled všech umělců

Život on Air - a live recording of the podcast Život on Air under the direction of the Ufftenživot theatre troupe

90 min / performance / no age limit / czech



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Author: Jiří Šimek
Director: Jiří Šimek
Creative team: Jiří Šimek, Tereza Tomášová

As theatre artists we love the festival. It’s an annual ritual for us. A place where anything can happen and where the audience is craving theatre. Without prejudice and with confidence in the festival dramaturgy. We will record a special episode of our podcast. Live, with an audience and all of it dedicated to the festival. Who’s organising it? What are the thoughts about the festival? What significance does this event have? 

A talk show, a meeting, a podcast, where no one knows what will come of it. But we are willing to undergo it. And above all, to pay tribute to the Hradec Králové audience and their festival.
The guests will be: openair director Bára Hodonická, umpskupák Janek Lesák and vostopéťák Jiří Havelka.


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