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WELCOME TO STUPIDITY – sad street show

45 min / theatre / performance / english friendly / no age limit



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Author: Ján Fakla & Jana Mikitková
Director: Jana Mikitková
Hudba: Tomislav Koprivčević; Pohybová spolupráca: Michaela Motlochová; Scénografia, kostýmy a design promo: Dušan Krnáč; Produkcia: Ján Fakla; Účinkujú: Pavol Seriš (SK/CZ) & Tomislav Koprivčević (HR/SK)

A non-verbal story about the (un)true saviours of the modern world. An original nonverbal musical-movement street show about an irredeemable Saviour and an ordinary Dustman, who have decided to save the world. Fun situations full of situational gags will guide you through a dynamic story from the reckless amazement of a new visionary, through unexpected threats to the sobering up from the herd behaviour through the use of reason. The occurrence of (un)remarkable human stupidity and its irrational manifestations can have tragic consequences.


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