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95 min / english friendly / theatre / 15+ / czech



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Author: Tomáš Ráliš
Director: Tomáš Ráliš
Dramaturgy: Martin Satoranský. Stage design: Jakub Peruth. Costumes: Anna Havelková. Music: Tomáš Dalecký. Cast: Natálie Holíková, Maria Leherová, Petr Kult, Michal Lurie.

A young couple is looking for an apartment, a space just for the two of them where they could make their love grow. And they succeed. Soon, love isn't the only thing growing. A child is on the way. It was a mistake to say that this is a problem that this is a mistake. More money is needed. A bigger apartment is needed. They need to ask for help. A dark comedy full of bosses, real estate hustlers, baby bottles, and botox. A struggle for living space, for a bigger run where children could play. An eternal battle for the right to have a place for them all to lay their heads.


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