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Ears for The Princess

40 min / theatre / 5+ / czech

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Autor, režie / Author, Directed by: Markéta Labusová a kol.
Scénografie / Stage Design: Iva Ščerbáková, Berta Doubková. Produkce/Production: Jakub Philipp. Hrají/Cast: Matyáš Míka, Alžběta Nováková.

Hanička, you should sing quietly! Pepíček, put that flute down for a while. Has it ever happened that the people around you did not appreciate your musical talents? Ludvík is a boy who likes a certain princess. Quite a gifted princess. He himself is from a musical family, but he approaches it in his own way, and so his close ones don’t believe him much, but is there only one right approach to music and only one path to the princess’ heart?


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