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50 min / theatre / 5+ / nonverbal

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Autor, režie, výprava / Author, Directed by, Stage Design: Miha Golob
Dramaturgie/Dramaturgy: Mojca Redjko. Kostýmy/Costumes: Dajana Ljubičić. Hudba/Music: Andrius Šiurys. Design virtuálního obsahu / Design of the virtual content: Borut Kumperščak. Light design: Gregor Kuhar. Hrají/Cast: Miha Arh, Gašper Malnar, ft. Barbara Kanc, ft. Filip Šebšajevič.

Tunnel is an unusual production that seeks comfort in the dark and treats light like a delicious dessert. At first it seems that the light can be controlled, while the darkness—unknown, dangerous —cannot. However, in the performance, the situation is soon reversed – with a pinch of courage and a pinch of cooperation, we can safely enjoy the darkness as we dose it ourselves. Tunnel is inhabited by both light and darkness. Light is inseparably linked to colour, shape, structure, depth, distance, and activity.


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