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The Three Golden Hairs of Grandfather Know All

40 min / theatre / 4+ / czech

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Author: na motivy pohádky K. J. Erbena
Director: Buchty a loutky pod vedením Marka Bečky
Hudba/Music: Vít Brukner. Scénografie, loutky / Stage design, puppets: Radka Mizerová. Hrají/Cast: Vít Brukner, Radek Beran, Marek Bečka.

In this famous fairy tale about a poor child who coincidentally and with the help of a kind fairy godmother becomes king, we tried to revive the magic of water and wooden puppets. After all, the tree from which the puppets are made needs water to grow. And so the water flows through the story and through us and we become children. And together with them, we keep our fingers crossed for the outsider, who has to overcome not only the disfavour of his father-in-law, the old king, but also must dare go to Grandfather Know All, the sun, to get the answers to the king's questions.

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