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States of Emergency (15:20-16:20) – an hour that shaped Norway

60 min / theatre / visual art / performance / 15+ / české a anglické titulky / english friendly / norština

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Autor, režie, hudba a audio-vizuální koncept / Author, Directed by, Music and Audio-visual conception: Tore Vagn Lid. Kamera/Camera: Anders Elsrud Hultgreen. Světla, kamera / Lights, Camera: Tor Christian F Bleikli. Kresba a světla / Drawing and lights: Øystein Nesheim. Technika, basa / Technique, Contrabass: Morten Skage. Hrají/Cast: Anders Elsrud Hultgreen, Tor Christian F Bleikli, Øystein Nesheim, Morten Skage.

Second by second, minute by minute, a team of cartoonists, musicians and film artists will reconstruct the time it took a young man to blow up the Norwegian government building and then execute young social democratic politicians at a summer camp. The audience is taken back to the beginning, to the explosion in the Government Quarter. Then follow sixty decisive minutes – exactly one hour – that shook Norway on a rainy Friday afternoon in the summer of 2011.


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