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Ignis fatuus

60 min / theatre / visual art / 15+ / english friendly

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Direction: Mária Danadová, Monika Kováčová, Ivan Martinka
Libreto, puppets, stage design: Ivan Martinka
Artistic cooperation: Ivana Macková Hudba: Mariana Bódyová, Lukáš Kubičina
Light design: Milan Slama
Graphic design: Viktória Jehlárová
Production: Monika Kováčová
Collaboration on the project: Andrej Novák (electrical engineering collaboration), Ondrej Uhrin (IT specialist), Miroslav Petrík (RC modeling supervision), Peter Rehák (collaboration with puppets), Marek Motloch (artistic and locksmith works), Ľuboš Horňák (carpentry work) , Peter Paulus (video collaboration), Katarína Caková (photography and art consultant)
Cast: Mária Danadová, Ivan Martinka, Mariana Bódyová and Lukáš Kubičina

We find ourselves in a cultural/social situation where we need to shine a light instead of cursing darkness. The search for light that has disappeared or has been lost from our sight for a while is an archetypal, multicultural, comprehensible image. But the harder I seek light in darkness, the more clearly I feel that it is dark, I am alone. But where does the light end and the darkness begin? The production is a response to a feeling of many years of the inevitability of redefining the puppet in the contemporary world in the direction of its spiritual content.


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