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30 min / theatre / for families with children

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Once upon a time Mr. August was young and strong, but now he is old and tired. Most of the time, he just seats and thinks about his life. A poetic puppet miniature inspired by one of the most award-winning and best-selling picture books by Swedish writer Ulf Nilsson. Published under the original title Adjö, herr Muffin in 2002. For audiences 5 years of age and up.


Autor/Author: Ulf Nilsson, Režie/Directed by: Jasna Vastl, Scénografie/Stage Design: Jasna Vastl, Překlad a adaptace/Translation and adaptation: Jasna Vastl, Ajda Rooss, Dramaturgie/Dramaturgy: Ajda Rooss, Hudba/Music: Polona Janežič, Eduardo Raon, Světelný design/Light design: Igor Remeta, Hrají/Cast: Brane Vižintin


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