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Rules of Cleaning

55 min / theatre / 15+ / czech

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Author: Lucie Ferenzová a kol.
Director: Lucie Ferenzová
Creative team: Dramaturgy: Dagmar Fričová. Stage Design and Costumes: Andrijana Trpković. Music: Markéta Ptáčníková. Cast: Anita Krausová/Agáta Kryštůfková, Martina Jindrová, Táňa Malíková.

A little dark pop, a little juggling with themes, a mop and a rag. Three speakers. Voices from the east and from the lowest depths of work that Western and even Czech society do not want to see, but someone has to do that work, of course. An original production of work in households, undocumented work, remote care and parenting based on documentary interviews with women working in the Czech Republic in the most poorly paid professions. The performance is produced as a co-production of Kolonie z.s., A Studio Rubín and Divadla na cucky.


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