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Tales from the Vienna Woods

90 min / theatre / 15+



S Bojkou v zádech
Atrium Radnice
Voluntary admission

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Author: Ödön Von Horváth
Director: Monika Pulišová
Monika Pulišová, Karel Kořínek, Radka Vyštejnová

While the Blue Danube serenely flows the same way as it has from time immemorial, the life of the young Marianna is moving in an unwanted direction. Although everyone is behaving the best they can at the given time, it still leads to unpleasant life mishaps. And even though a giant wave is just about to flood the world, the Danube still remains calm. Life flows almost unchanged, and Marianna mishaps are just a gentle agitation that will make ripples in their everyday lives. It’s nothing unusual, but has been here from time immemorial, just like that serene blue Danube.


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