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Cabinet Alive!

30 min / theatre / no age limit / nonverbal



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Autor, námět, režie, výroba / Author, Concept, Directed by, Manufactured by: KATANARI (Katarína Caková). Hudba a zvuky / Music and Sound: Tereza Hladká, KATANARI (Katarína Caková). Hrají/Cast: Katarína Caková, Tereza Hladká

Are your pockets also full of found treasures? What happens on the table of crazy collectors when they go away? Cabinet alive! is a magical visual treat of small puppets and objects that want more than just pose behind the glass. Let`s give them their 5 seconds of fame in this combination of exhibition, catwalk and silly cabaret. 30 minutes nonverbal invitation to imagine, what do objects do when we don`t look. Accompanied by various instruments, chimes and music boxes.


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