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45 min / theatre / 8+ / czech

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Author: Homér a spol.
Director: Petr Vydarený a kol.
Výprava / Stage Design: Tereza Vydarená. Dramaturgie/Dramaturgy: Petra Kosová, Tomsa Legierski. Hudba/Music: Vlastimil Vorda a Petr Vydarený. Text písní / Lyrics: Blanka Josephová-Luňáková. Hrají/Cast: Andrea Ballayová, Martin Sádlo Bartůšek, Vlastimil Vorda, Petr Vydarený.

The giant Cyclops gobbling up sailors, the magical Circe transforming people into pigs, the marine monsters Scylla and Charybdis, and the terrifying underworld. These are the pitfalls that await the Ithacan King Odysseus on his way home from the Trojan War. We follow his fate since he constructed the famous Trojan horse, which will cause the ruin of a proud city. Trója is not conquered honourably, but through subterfuge. Odysseus provokes the displeasure of the Greek gods, and for his punishment he must wander around the sea for ten years and face many obstacles before he is able to go home.


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