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45 min / theatre / 3+ / czech

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Author: na motivy pohádky H. Ch. Andersena
Director: Adriana Kubištová Máčiková
Scénografie / Stage Design: Alena Plíhalová. Režijní spolupráce / Directing Cooperation: Radek Beran, Adam Kubišta. Hudba/Music: Jan Nikendey. Hraje/Cast: Adriana Kubištová Máčiková.

We all know the story of the tiny and courageous girl Thumbelina, who was born in a poppy-flower. But few people know that she really tried to make friends with the toad, the beetle and even with the greedy mole. But it just wasn’t meant to be. When a dragonfly takes her to the Kingdom of Flowers, where she meets the prince of her dreams, everything looks perfect. But Thumbelina doesn’t suspect that life with the prince, like with every living creature on this planet, will prepare various surprises for her.


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