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Janek and his Earnings

40 min / theatre / 4+ / czech

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Autor, režie / Author, Directed by: Dominik Linka
Scénografie / Stage Design: Karel Czech. Hudba/Music: Dominik Linka. Hrají/Cast: Johana Vavřínová, Dominik Linka

Janek is boy as wholesome as fresh bread. He just doesn't seem to want to work. He’d rather strum on his guitar and write songs. For himself, for his mother, for the princess and for all the people from the farmstead. The princess is beautiful, but she doesn’t speak, doesn’t laugh, doesn’t sing. The king declared that her hand and half of the Kingdom would go to the one who makes her laugh. Who will it be? The stable hand, the butcher or perhaps Janek? Come and sing along with Janek!


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