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The Visit

60 min / theatre / workshop / family friendly / visual art / performance / 4+ / czech / english friendly



Akreditační centrum
Voluntary admission

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Author: Robert Smolík, Veronika Vlková
Director: Robert Smolík
Creative team: Robert Smolík, Veronika Vlková

A theatre productions for children, their parents and all those who like going on visits. The Visit is an attempt to show things up close. To take a closer look at the moment when the colour is created, it can be felt as it is absorbed into the paper, seen how he holds the paintbrush, how it glides over the surface or resists. It’s a look at ordinary and simple things, which speak the language of a miracle when seen closer up. The production arose as an interview between the painter and Illustrator Veronika Vlková and the puppet and stage designer Robert Smolík.


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