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The Honey Gatherer

40 min / theatre / english friendly / 6+



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Author: Johana Bártová
Director: Johana Bártová
Autorka, režisérka, zvuk: Johana Bártová Hrají: Jakub Šulík, Matěj Šumbera

There are high mountains and a village lies high in them. A man named Joshi lives there. He was quite happy and lacking for nothing until his sister became ill. No one was able to help her. From that moment on, everything changed and he had to make a decision. To save his sister, he has to go even higher up the mountains to discover a cure there. To find the dwellings of the largest honey bees and beg their queen for some honey, which might perhaps help his sister. It will not be an easy journey, but if he succeeds in time, he will save her.


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