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Maryša: The Story of a Murderer

90 min / theatre / 15+

Author: bratři Mrštíkové / Janek Lesák & Natálie Preslová
Direction: Janek Lesák
Dramaturgy: Natálie Preslová
Stage design, costumes: Kamil Bělohlávek
Music: Jan Čtvrtník
Assistant Director and Stage Manager: Monika Němečková
Cast: Eliška Boušková, Martin Dobíšek, František Hnilička, Dana Ibragimová, Vít Piskala, Denisa Posekaná

A summer open-air classic about the most famous murder in the history of Czech drama. Come with us to take a look at the square of a picturesque Moravian village, where a hunched bridge spans the creek, small gardens are turning green in front of the homes, white benches stand on the doorsteps and from the pub can be heard the villagers singing in chorus: “The music plays all around.” And where in a moment one girl will cram enough of a dose of arsenic into a certain scoundrel’s coffee that would poison the entire picturesque Moravian cow barn.


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