Zpět na přehled všech umělců


90 min / theatre / 15+

Author: William Shakespeare
Director: Alessandro Serra
Translation: Giovanni Carron
Scenography: Alessandro Serra
Costumes: Alessandro Serra
Music: Pinuccio Sciola
Choreography: Chiara Michelini
Cast: Fulvio Accogli, Andrea Bartolomeo, Alessandro Burzotta, Giovanni Carroni, Maurizio Giordo, Mirko Iurlaro, Stefano Mereu, Felice Montervino

Shakespeare's Macbeth with verses translated into Sardinian and acted only by men in the original Elizabethan tradition. The bodies of actors that form space and time intersect the empty stage. The intensity of the present moment. A mass that does not relay meanings, but primal forces. Forces that act on those who accept them.


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