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Author: David Košťák
Director: Lucie Hašková, Naďa Kubínková
dramaturgická úprava: Lucie Hašková, Naďa Kubínková; scénografie: soubor; kostýmy: Lucie Hašková; hudba: kapela Donrvetr; hrají: Karolína Davidová, Olina Vetešníková, Lenka Jánková, Lenka Ježková, Lucie Hašková, Naďa Kubínková, Mirek Hruban, Lukáš Reček, Matěj Karas

The play tells the story of Laika, a dog from the streets that became a heroine of a whole generation of dogs. The humorous but also very touching and fragile play reports on injustice and the fact that someone else will decide questions of life and death for you, and you don’t have a chance to speak up, let alone bark. And even if you do bark, it doesn’t help at all. The production also touches on fundamental themes and questions that each of us poses in our lives.


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