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Bouquet Vol. 2

55 min / theatre / 15+ / czech

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Autor/Author: Karel Jaromír Erben
Režie / Directed by: Petr Vydarený

Výprava / Stage Design: Tereza Vydarená. Hudba/Music: Petr Vydarený. Technická spolupráce / Technical Collaboration: Jan Strnad. Dramaturgická spolupráce / Dramaturgical Collaboration: Roman Černík, Petra Kosová. Produkční spolupráce / Production Collaboration: Ondřej Sosna, Eva Kraftová. Hrají/Cast: Petr Besta, Robert Kroupar a Daniel Horečný. Foto/Photography: Vít Štaif. Produkce/Production: Moving Station a Johan z.ú.

Horror ballads on the motifs of Karel Jaromír Erben. Who actually suffers when everyone dies? Who tells the tales that we leave behind? Who will bring a bouquet to our grave when the hussar, the cart and the rooster lie in the corner? Or the tragedy of the survivors. Stories full of contradictions of traditional ballads and contemporary language are mixed with the real experiences of the actors. Live and in person, they share their view on how Bouquet is reflected in contemporary life.

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