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80 min / theatre / 15+ / czech



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Author: Hába, Spišák
Director: Hába, Spišák
Creative team: Concept and director: Hába, Spišák. Scenography: Černá. Music: Čížek. Dramatrugy: Linka. Production: Svobodová. Cast: Čížek, Hába Zmrzlá, Hába, Spišák.

This novella by Heinrich von Kleist tells the story of a man who is slighted. In pursuit of legal remedies, he reaches the point where legal means are no longer enough. The author breaks the law. Lachende Bestien embarks on original commentary. The production is not a study of when a person becomes a terrorist. Or a partisan. Or a revolutionary. But it could be. A horse appears on the stage -- but only in pretend Violence is called for on the stage -- but only in pretend The law is broken on the stage -- but only in pretend?


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