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K Prameni

90 min / theatre / performance / 12+ / czech

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Author: Jakub Gottwald
Director: Jakub Gottwald
Tvůrčí tým: Jakub Gottwald, Pavel Neškudla, Filip Šebšajevič, Aleš Němec, Matěj Šumbera

The river will take you To the Source. Go against the flow. It's a miserable journey, always uphill! How miserable? That depends on how ready you are. It’s a tribute to the original inhabitants of America, a monument to the injustices committed against them for centuries, the rivers of their blood spilled fighting for their fundamental human rights, for their ancestors, for their descendants. It’s a tribute to their persistence, their culture, their relationship and approach to nature and their own life with her. It’s an inspiration that often triggers the most fundamental processes in our soul…

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