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45 min / theatre / family friendly / performance / english friendly

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Autor, režie / Author, Directed by: Antonie Formanová, Anna Klimešová
Dramaturgie Dramaturgy: Anna Klimešová. Scénografie / Stage Design: Mikoláš Zika, Jakub Šulík. Produkce/Production: Veronika Krejčí. Hrají/Cast: Antonie Formanová, Anna Klimešová, Mikoláš Zika, Jakub Šulík a další.

Large. Huge. Grandiose. Colossal. XXXL. Hugely entertaining. Jumbo. The largest elephant in the history of mankind and also one of the world’s first animal celebrities. He was seen by over 15 million adults and 4 million children. How did his fans see him and what was he really like? A big elephant with big nightmares. Come and see the heart of the elephant, who was never alone, and yet was always lonely. Souvenir hunters, the Jumbos have prepared an unforgettable jumbo experience for you.

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