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Like a Lion or The Fall and Rise of Mr B.

100 min / theatre / 15+ / english friendly



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Author: Roman Sikora
Director: Michal Hába
Creative team: Dramaturgy: Veronika Linka. Stage Design and Costumes: Adriana Černá. Music: Jindřich Čížek. Cast: Kryštof Bartoš, Mark Christián Hochman, Ondřej Jiráček, Jindřich Čížek.

Mr B. is a successful individual who knows that everyone is the artisan of their own fortune. Responsible for themselves. Life is a competition. Mr B. is able to apply his neoliberal mantra even to your new life situation. On the street. Under the bridge. He’s like a lion.
Roman Sikora's play, subtitled "An Optimistic Epic of Success Loosely Based on True Events" indirectly follows on from the production of The Confession of a Masochist. Seemingly naive humour mixes with sharp criticism of the prevailing social ideology.


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