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Hamlet - Evidencia Zločina Jedne Monarhije (Hamlet -- Evidence of the Crimes of One Monarchy)

100 min / theatre / 15+ / české titulky / english friendly / chorvatština

Author: Tibor Hrs Pandur, Livia Pandur (based on W. Shakespeare and B. M. Koltés)
Director: Livia Pandur
Creative team: Dramaturgy: Tibor Hrs Pandur. Stage Design and Costumes: Livija Pandur a Irena Kraljić. Music: Žarko Dragojević. Light design: Vesna Kolarec. Video: Miran Brautović. Cast: Nikša Arčanin, Marija Šegvić, Mirej Stanić, Zdeslav Čotić.

What would happen if Hamlet remained faithful to his doubts about the sense of bloody revenge? Hamlet, who remains faithful to non-violence. Hamlet, who resists the "great mechanism" of the history of feudal slaughterhouses and, as a real tragic hero, decides to give up and emigrate? And what would happen if Ophelia resisted and was not just a helpless victim? A struggle of two generations, two world views. And those who are trapped in the prison of death are forced to play the same drama over and over.



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