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Generation Z: Rare Beauty

60 min / theatre / 12+

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Author: Col.
Director: Zuzana Fialová
Creative team: Dramaturgy: Valeria Schulczová, Darina Abrahámová. Light design, Stage Design, Costumes: Vivien Kvasnicová, Paula Gogola, Ema Šútovcová. Music: Samuel D. Abrahám. Video: Ivan Finta. Cast: Mária Schumerová, Annamária Janeková, Romana Ondrejkovičová, Vivien Kvasnicová, Ema Šútovcová.

Beauty as a straitjacket. The myth of beauty is a social construct that has been forcing the image of how young girls should be. Both visually and mentally. Be a good daughter, a good wife, a good mother, a mistress, a citizen, a Christian. Constant demands, pressure on performance, perfectionism, ambition, monetisation. How to handle it all and not lose self-confidence and self-value.
An original production awarded the Grand Prix at the Nová dráma Festival and the Dosky Award for the outstanding achievement in Drama Theatre.


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