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65 min / theatre / 15+

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Author: Patrik Boušek, Eva Lietavová
Director: Eva Lietavová
Script: Patrik Boušek a Eva Lietavová. Cast: Petr Hanák, Lucie Hrochová, Veronika Všianská. Dramaturgy: Patrik Boušek. Music: Ondřej Zámečník. Scenography and costumes: Klára Vincourová. Production: Lucie Ošmerová, Andrea Polnická. Lighting design: Bohdana Sýkorová.

The production was created in cooperation with Mikro-teatro.

You can usually find the following facts about Kurt Gödel: Albert Einstein liked going for walks with him after work; he comes from Brno; he is the greatest logician since Aristotle. He refused to eat for fear of being poisoned and starved to death. Moreover, he unshakably assumed a second life after life; also that the world is basically logical and good. Yet, if the world is basically logical and good, who poisoned the strudel? Who are the three weirdos lecturing on mathematics? And why would Kurt Gödel write stand-up about mothers?


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