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Die Verwandlung (Metamorphosis)

75 min / theatre / 15+ / české titulky / němčina

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Author: Franz Kafka, Stef Lernous
Director: Stef Lernous
Dramaturgy: Katja Prussas. Light design: Sven van Kuijk. Costumes: Stef Lernous, Isabell Heinke a kol. Music: Kreng (Pepijn Caudron). Cast: Lisa Natalie Arnold, Iris Becher, Katharina Brehl, Marcel Jacqueline Gisdol, Johann Jürgens.

"When Gregor woke up one morning from restless dreams, he found that he had metamorphosed in his bed into a kind of monstrous insect." Now he can rid himself of all his obligations, but he isn’t free. Everyone is repelled by him and he becomes a burden for his loved ones. Today, Samsa's isolation and the physical and mental withering that affects him, are a shocking and realistic horror. The production, in the style of a Gothic horror, full of black humour, poses a disturbing question: Isn’t every person a monster and a victim all at once?


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