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65 min / theatre / 15+ / czech



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Author: Matěj Samec
Director: Natália Deáková
Creative team: Dramaturgy: Matěj Samec. Stage Design: Pavel Svoboda. Costumes: Jana Smetanová. Music: Jakub Kudláč. Video: Tereza Havlínková. Cast: Jan Hájek, Barbora Milotová.

Joseph's name is Joseph, but nobody calls him by his name. His personal life is in ruins, he cheated on his wife with women from the Internet in nasty hotel rooms. The production takes place in the dark for the most part, like most interesting events in our sad lives, so as to make the important sensory sensations stand out; the high tone of the nervous system, the deep tone of the throbbing blood and the dynamically changing rhythm of human breath given by the actual intensity of the panic from the death of our mothers.


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