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Worm in the Heart of Man

60 min / theatre / 15+ / czech



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Author: Kristýna Nebeská, Kateřina Volánková and col.
Director: Kateřina Volánková
Dramaturgy: Kristýna Nebeská. Stage Design and Costumes: Hana Kessnerová, Klára Pavlíčková. Music and Lyrics: Berenika Anna Mikeschová. Cast: Simona Lewandowska, Lenka Netušilová, Anna Glässnerová.

Maybe we ran into each other in the funeral hall, though you may not even remember who you were saying goodbye to at that time. Maybe we saw each other at the beach when you were holding your breath under water. Maybe we met in the pool by the diving board, where you hesitated about how to dive correctly. Or maybe we haven’t met yet. Who knows. Because maybe it’s all just a parlour game. Maybe you're not even here...
An original script loosely inspired by the lives and works of V. Woolf, S. Kane and S. Plath.


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