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55 min / theatre / 15+



Městská hudební síň
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Author: Tereza Agelová a Marie Mlatečková
Director: Tereza Agelová
režie Tereza Agelová, dramaturgie Marie Mlatečková, produkce Jana Mlatečková, hraje soubor Bandajá

A theatrical essay from the field of romance novels. He is looking for her, she is looking for him, we are looking for each other, you are looking for each other, they are looking for each other. Is there love at first sight? An original collage on the topic of the search for an ideal partner. The story of a textbook relationship with textbook errors. Through the dialogues of a model relationship, which can never work, we find out what we ourselves are able to invest in a working relationship and how willing we are to accept a partner.


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