Regions publish the programme

Get ready for a week full of tingles, fluidity and balance! Hradec Králové, which every year at the end of June turns into the epicentre of Czech theatre, today announced the complete programme of this year's 29th International Theatre Festival REGIONS. This year the festival will offer theatre enthusiasts a unique opportunity to take part in a rich programme of theatre, music and street performances.
Under the auspices of the Klicper Theatre, the Drak Theatre and the cultural non-profit kontrapunkt, Hradec Králové will become a stage for artists from all over Europe for the last week of June from 21 to 28 June. The festival, inspired by the theme Fluidity. Balance will take place in more than 40 venues across the city with more than 300 events planned.


Visit Hradec Králové at the end of June and let yourself be absorbed by the atmosphere that reflects the trembling of everyday life, the fluidity of emotions and the constant search for balance. REGIONS are not just a festival, it is an experience that brings the city and its visitors to life. Join us for a week where art meets reality and where everyone can be part of something extraordinary.
Check the programme! 

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